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  2. If you need help on selecting a package, have any questions or may be interested in a In-Home Sleep Training Service or Live-In Sleep Training, please CONTACT ME

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NOTE: For any In-Home Sleep Training Services, there will be additional ravel fees if location is more than 50 miles from NYC

No need for a Full Consultation? Just need a little help?

Choose from the following:

  • Custom Baby or Toddler Sleep Schedule
  • Newborn Sleep Guide (up to 3 months old only)
  • Quick 30 minute Sleep Chat 


Custom Sleep Schedule

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


  • Evaluation of your child's current schedule (if any)
  • Custom Sleep Schedule
  • Guide on Nap Time Training (No Sleep Plan included)

No follow-up support (or add on support for $75/week)


Lullaby & Me Sleep Guide

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Want to get your baby on track from the very beginning? 

Learn how to instill good sleep habits from the start and avoid the need for any full sleep training later on.

Ideal for expecting parents or parents of newborns!

(Not intended for babies 3+ months old who are in need of a Full Sleep Training Package. This Guide does not include sleep training methods or an evaluation of your child's sleep habits.)


Quick Sleep Chat (30 minutes)

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Need to chat with an Expert about your baby's sleep? 

Or are you an expecting parent that want's to learn the basics of how  to instill good sleep habits from the start? Or a parent who's baby was once sleeping well but now has fallen off track.

Also great for previous clients who need a little adjustment!

Book a 30 minute call will Lullaby & Me's Certified Sleep Coach, Irene.

No Sleep Plan or Evaluation included.