Sleep Training Success Stories

Evelyn - 7 months old

Evelyn's sleep had always been terrible, she was waking every 2-3 hours at night, having only 20-40 minute naps and refused to go back to sleep unless she was fed. Evelyn's mother was exhausted and it was starting to put a lot of strain on her marriage. She had previously tried Modified Ferber during which Evelyn cried for 2 hours and lost her voice. The whole experience was traumatizing for everyone and it didn't make the slightest difference in her sleeping habits. Ferber or "Cry-it-out" is a sleep training method, however it doesn't work for everyone. It is important to use sleep training techniques properly and understand that every baby is different in order for the methods to be successful. I was glad to work with Evelyn and her mother to find a method that suited them best and get Evelyn sleeping independently. Day 1, Evelyn fell asleep on her own without feeding in just 30 minutes. Day 2, was 10 minutes, and by Day 3 she was fully sleep trained and slept 13 hours at night, straight through. After a few more days, her naps improved as well and she was napping for 2 hours at a time!  

"Godsend is the word I use when describing Irene. She was the light at the end of my very dark tunnel. I was desperate.

My 6.5 month old was waking every 2-3 hours at night and was reliant on me nursing her back to sleep. Naps had become extinct and I was past the point of exhaustion, entering a type of delirium.

She carefully evaluated my situation and gave me different options on how I wanted to approach sleep training. What I found most helpful was her explanations of how the baby's body/brain works in relation to sleeping, she gave several analogies that just made something click in my head. Learning to sleep is a milestone and a learned skill and if I keep running to the rescue to rock or feed my little one, I'm actually doing her a grave disservice; once I looked at it from that angle I was fully able (with a little, okay a lot, of hand holding from Irene) to commit to sleep training my little one and setting her up for success!

Irene was so kind and encouraging, she saved my sanity and my marriage and I could not be more grateful! I highly recommend working with Irene!" 

- Brenda

Little Neck, NY

Cole - 8 months old

Cole had been sleeping through the night at 3 months old and at 5 months started to wake up constantly throughout the night. Cole was going to bed way too late and was overtired, and needed to be put on an age appropriate schedule. He was also very dependent on the pacifier and was used to having someone run to him the second he woke up crying for it when it would fall out. We eliminated the pacifier as a sleep prop and he was sleeping through the night in just 3 nights of sleep training.

"Irene is truly a one of a kind person, and sleep consultant. Not only is she knowledgeable, capable and bright but she is also very caring, loving and attentive. She put our son on a consistent schedule and it was monumental leading up to a solid night time routine. She is consistent with the patterns which for a parent, especially a busy working parent, can be really tough to do. It is easy to give into your crying baby in the middle of the night but Irene is there to remind you that consistency is key. She does all the research and shares with you what she learns and then applies that knowledge. My son sleeps better now thanks to Irene, and actually my 3 year old daughter is a direct beneficiary as she is more calm and well rested too. Peace of mind and sleep is a priceless gift! We are very grateful for Irene's hard work!" 

- Coco

New York, NY

Oscar - 6 months old

Oscar's naps have always been a struggle, never consistent and always protesting to go to sleep. He never slept for more than 5 hours a night and was feeding more at night than he did during the day. Oscar's bedtime was way too late and he was having too much daytime sleep. Putting Oscar on an age appropriate schedule and getting him to feed more during the day was all he needed to start sleeping through the night and to start having great consistent naps!


"Irene has been really helpful and responsive to the specific sleep issues I wanted to work on. I've read a bunch of books on sleep training, but it's nice to have the one-on-one interaction with someone who really wants to create a targeted plan. Irene sent a detailed sleep plan to us and really took into account what we were struggling with. Thank you, Irene!" 

- Kristina

New York, NY

Isabella - 5 months old

Isabella had been sleeping 10-12 hour stretches at night since she was 2 months old. At about 4 months, she started waking at 4:30am, screaming every day. Mom thought she was hungry so she tried feeding and that didn't work. Then she thought Isabella was going to bed too early, so she pushed bedtime later, and had no luck. What most people don't know is that the most common reason for early wake ups is the result of a baby or child being overtired. Actually making bedtime earlier and putting Isabella on an age appropriate schedule along with sleep training had her sleeping through the night and waking up at a decent hour, 6:30am.

"Irene came at such a crucial time for us. I was about to give up on why my great sleeping baby was waking early. We were going on two months and I was desperate. Luckily, Irene took our full history and her advice worked almost instantly. We are back on track now and everyone is sleeping better! Thank you so much!!" 

- Natalie

 Brooklyn, NY

Liam - 4 months old

Liam was sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks old.  Everything was good, and he never cried EXCEPT every time it was time for him to nap. Turns out Liam just needed a little tweaking of his schedule and needed to follow age appropriate "wake times". He was either under tired or overtired for his naps which was making it hard for him to fall asleep or stay asleep for more than 15 minutes. Sleep training and following my wake times and adjusting them each month is key to having good naps with no fuss!

  "Irene helped me with a challenging issue with getting Liam to nap. It was very frustrating and I thought I had tried everything. Irene gave me one simple easy to follow tip that changed the whole game and made his napping at 4 months a breeze! Very grateful for this life saver!" 

- Krystal

 New York, NY

Peter - 6 months old

Peter had several sleep props in place, from being nursed, rocked or bounced to sleep. He was up throughout the night, usually ending up in mom's bed and his naps were never longer than 30 minutes. "Crying-It-Out"  was not an option, and we started working on some gentle sleep training methods to eliminate Peter's sleep props and helped him learn the skill of falling asleep and staying asleep independently. We worked on a bedtime routine and Peter was sleeping throughout the night before we knew it!

"Irene helped us improve my son's sleep habits tremendously! We all sleep better now and are so grateful for all her hard work and help!" 

- Elena

 Astoria, New York

Eleanna - 11 months old

Eleanna had gotten used to falling asleep at night in her mom's bed with the TV on. With a 4 year old at home and as well, it was tough to get Eleanna on a good nap time schedule and hard to instill a good bedtime routine. With a lot of work and consistency we got Eleanna on a good routine, I suggested the Slumberpod, (which tends to work great for babies and toddlers who are used to co-sleeping) and it worked like a charm!

"Irene is a lifesaver! My daughter had developed a bad habit of wanting to co-sleep with me and we worked on setting up a nap schedule and a better bedtime routine to help her sleep on her own. She also suggested some amazing products that have helped my daughter. She answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable in sleep solutions for your baby! I highly recommend Irene!" 


New York, NY

Addison - 12 months old

Self soothing for Addison was always a big issue and she was highly reliant on nursing to sleep. With another toddler at home, "Cry-It-Out" was not an option. It took a few weeks of gentle sleep training techniques to help us wean her from nursing to sleep and get her self soothing. She went from waking 5-10 times a night, screaming to be nursed , to sleeping straight through the night, 12-13 hours.

"Irene is simply the best. From encouragement when you're about to give in, to knowledge, she's second to none. I was beyond desperate for sleep with a 12 month old still waking up multiple times a night. She helped me work out a bedtime schedule that worked for our family as well as was conductive to sleep and removing sleep props that were already in place. I'd recommend no one else!"


Lebanon, PA

Dimitri - 18 months

Dimitri had been used to going to bed around 9:30/10pm and co-sleeping with his parents even though they had a crib next to them in their room. His mom explained to be that she tries to get him to bed earlier but he gets a burst of energy. Usually it is very common that when a child is overtired they are unable to settle themselves so an even earlier bedtime is key. I put Dimitri on a strict age appropriate schedule and he started to go to bed  by 7:30, another week after he was officially sleeping through the night in his crib with my sleep training techniques.

"Irene is the best! I explained to her my situation with my 18 month old, and she came back with an amazing sleep plan for us. We are 6 days in and I can not complain! Her advice has helped me get more sleep and put him on a better sleep routine for his age"


Astoria, NY